We are open Monday through Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm except on public holidays.

Early Year Program (EYP)

08:30 – 15:30 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) 08:30 – 12:30 (Wednesday)

Primary Year Program (PYP)

08:30 – 15:30 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) 08:30 – 15:30 (Wednesday)

Middle Year Program (MYP)

08:30 – 15:30 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) 08:30 – 15:30 (Wednesday)

Diploma Program (DP)

08:30 – 16:00 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) 08:30 – 16:00 (Wednesday)

Although, many older students do stay later than the regular hours for extra- curricular activities.

Yes. At B.I.S. security and safety of our children is our top priority hence, the school is gated and the entrance is supervised at all times.

Enrolment usually takes place in the month of February for the school year beginning from September the same year. We do not have any restrictions on the enrolment period. However, we also offer rolling admissions. This allows children to join a classroom at any point during the year if space is available.

B.I.S. is currently the ONLY international school in Brussels fully authorized to provide all three International Baccalaureate’s (IB) programmes.

B.I.S. was authorized by the IB in 2015 to offer the Middle Years Programme for Grades 7 to 10. The following year, B.I.S. was authorized by the IB to offer the Diploma Programme for grades 11 and 12. In the year 2019, B.I.S. was authorized by the IB to offer the Primary Years Programme for Grades Pre-primary up till 6.

Yes. Most of our children have working parents and hence, we realize an after-school care in the school would substantially help such families. In order to facilitate their needs, we provide after school care for our EYP and PYP children until 6.30pm on all school days. This facility is also open to the MYP children if need be.

Yes, we do have homework clubs for the MYP currently. Homework club at B.I.S. not only assists students with their homework but it also provides a safe, fun and effective learning environment supervised by our skilled teachers. The club runs after school hours from Monday through Friday from 3.30pm to 5.30pm and on Wednesdays from 12.30pm to 4.00pm.

There are a multitude of sports activities for students at B.I.S. for all ages, every day of the school week. We also conduct performance arts lessons for our students like music, dance forms like ballet, dramatics etc. In order to develop critical thinking skills in children along with specific subjects in science, mathematics, technology, engineering and arts, we have collaborated with Steam4kids.be at B.I.S. Please contact us through email or call us for more information on the steam4kids.be site.

French being one of the official languages in Belgium, at B.I.S. we introduce students to French which is taught at all levels. We also have Spanish as an optional language for our children.

Yes. We do have summer programmes at B.I.S. during all school holidays for children from EYP to PYP. Programmes are managed by Creativity Tennis Academy and fully utilize the school’s beautiful surroundings and classrooms. You can contact us by email or call us for more information.

Yes. We have a large campus which consists of a gymnasium, dance studio, sports hall and also a large area for our outdoor sports activities. We also use the nearby Deridder Sport Club for our Football training.

Yes. There is a large cafeteria in the school premises. For more information check out the parent info page on our website.

We at B.I.S. are aware that food allergies and sensitivities can be life-threatening. Hence, during the admission process we strongly encourage families of students with both food allergies and sensitivities or any particular medical conditions to mention it in the admission form and inform the school’s office and child’s teachers as well, so that we can ensure proper safety protocol is followed.

Yes. We do provide six bus service routes for our children for pick up and drop off in and around the Brussels city. For more information check out our parent info page on our website.

There are currently close to 350 students at B.I.S.

At B.I.S. we are proud of our community that hosts more than 45 nationalities from across the globe.

Yes. We are proud of our diverse community and value and celebrate this diversity. In addition to our own curriculum, where we teach about many countries and their culture, we invite our families to share their unique customs and introduce their language with their child’s classroom community, fostering an appreciation for traditions spanning across the globe.

Teachers communicate with parents on a daily basis at drop-off and pick-up. Parent- teacher meetings are scheduled on a regular basis during which we review and discuss our children’s progress. Communication with parents is an important part of our program. We also connect with our parents through Managebac, a paperless solution for enhancing student and parent communications. Managebac is an online planning, assessment and reporting platform where parents can track their children’s reports. The access to Managebac is given to parents at the time of enrolment.

At the time of admissions, we require 2 years of student reports from their previous schools if any and for children with special needs we require a special needs report before the enrolment. We also have a test for children at the beginning of the school year to assess them on their language proficiency which will help us understand their level and provide appropriate support if required.

We believe in giving as much personal attention to our children as we can and hence, we ensure no more than 20 students in each class.

At B.I.S. many of our students arriving are not fluent with English language but our skilled teachers and our existing students support them in every way possible to make them feel at ease. We also have an English Language Acquisition Programme for students from a non-English speaking background where special focus is given to these students in order to ensure a smooth and effective transition.

Yes. Currently support programmes are provided in Mathematics and English.

At B.I.S. every year we organize a Ski Trip for our children and camps for our PYP and MYP children. We also have various field trips throughout the year.

In today’s digital era, we believe it is essential for every child to be adept at technology. In order to facilitate the right and ethical use of technology. Using technology at the school level not only enables our students to develop vital technical skills demanded by employers today, but also enriches their overall learning experience. Hence, from the PYP level they are introduced to computers, tablets, laptops etc. to support their learning requirements. But we are also particularly conscious that too much screen time should not be a cause of distraction for our children and hence, we maintain a good balance between books and software based learning.

Our B.I.S. community consists of diverse families and parents are encouraged to actively get involved. We have PTA’s who regularly gather to organize different events in school. Parents actively volunteer for the school for events, field trips, picnics etc. We also have parents from various backgrounds who volunteer to educate our children about their culture and introduce them to their language thus helping children to learn and respect all cultures.

Our graduated students are successfully accepted at the best universities across the world ranging from top universities in the USA to UK, Canada, Australia and also across Europe and other popular universities across the world.

We encourage and support academic excellence and exceptional talents. Hence, for such specially gifted students we do offer a limited number of scholarships through our scholarship programme for new students entering our Primary Years Programme. These scholarships are offered especially for students whose families are experiencing clearly-demonstrated financial need in order to give them a chance at quality international education. The students record and the family income are carefully reviewed by our scholarship committee and these scholarships offered are between 10% to a maximum of 50% of the annual tuition fee only. The scholarship may be renewed in subsequent school years, provided that the income and merit requirements are met. It can also be revoked at any time if changes in these requirements occur. The decision made by the scholarship committee would be the final decision.

All applications must be received from the official school scholarship form. One

must contact the school office to receive the application package.

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