DP1 CAS charity project

CAS - Winter clothes collection

As a CAS project some DP1 girls organized a clothing donation event.

We were 5 girls in total, and we decided to split into two groups. One group chose the charity “Solidarite Grands Froids”, and the other group chose “Home Victor Du Pre”. Solidarite Grands Froids accepted clothes for any age and gender, while Home Victor Du Pre mainly accepted clothes for women and small children.

This was a great project because we ended up with bags and bags full of clothes, and we are so grateful for everyone who brought in clothes, we worked hard from February to March to inform people and create posters (that we hung up all around the school) so that people would be aware of what we were organizing. For a week straight people brought in clothes that they no longer needed which other people would be more than happy to have, overall I hope other future DP students consider this as a project because it was truly a success and a beautiful thing to do for other people.  


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