An Expat Guide To Schools In Brussels

Brussels is a cosmopolitan area dotted with plenty of schools, thereby giving you plenty of choices for your schooling child. English speaking schools in Brussels have increased considerably, given that many ex-pats move to the Belgium capital to work in renowned institutions and firms.

Thus, many schools with a standard and an internationally-recognized curriculum have cropped up to satisfy this rising need amongst people of diverse backgrounds.

Choosing a good school In Brussels

While there are sprawling options to pick from, you should first ensure that whatever option you settle on works well for your family and most importantly, your child. Rearing an English speaking child in such a multilingual societal set-up as that of Brussels can be challenging.

If you plan on permanently relocating to Brussels for the long term, you should think about enrolling your kid into a capable international school in the capital, and there’s no better choice than the Bogaerts International School, Brussels.

English boarding school Brussels : Bogaerts International School

It is compulsory to attend school in Belgium for persons between the ages of 6-18 years. While adhering to the Belgium stipulation on schooling modalities, this English boarding school Brussels is internationally-inclined and inculcates fully accredited IB world programs.

As a K-12 school perched at the heart of Brussels in the Le Domaine de Freins neighbourhood, we provide an idyllic and secluded environment for safe learning. Crucially, we offer an array of three distinct education programs: Diploma Years (DY), Middle Years (MY) and the formative Primary Years Programme (PYP).

What’s more, our richly-equipped trainers instil specialized skills onto the leaners, alongside steering them towards discovering their talents. Being a project-oriented school, students are taught morals as the fabric of society.

Through interdependent and autonomous relationships with credible partners, we aim to sharpen the emotional, naturalistic and social intelligence of leaners.

While schooling is imperative for any child, tapping their strengths is equally essential. Enrol your child at the Bogaerts International School in Brussels and let them indulge in a proper learning experience.

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